About Us

We started in 1995, have trained more than 300 National level fencers, more than 25 International Players and 10 National and International Wheel Chair Fencers. We are located in Sree Kanteerava Stadium,Near Corporation Circle, Kasturba Road, Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bengaluru,, India 560001 +91 94484 47609

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Contact Us

Email: Contact us: +91 94484 47609 FIND US: Sree Kanteerava Stadium,Near Corporation Circle,Kasturba Road,Sampangi Rama Nagar,Bengaluru,India 560001.      

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Fencing rules

1. Wear proper attireThis means the mask, fencing uniform, protective gear, and glove. Shorts and open toed shoes risk injury and should never be worn when fencing. Unless a fencer is properly dressed, they are strictly not permitted to fence. 2. Weapons always pointed downWhen not fencing or doing fencing drills, weapons are always pointed

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